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Which was the software package that first convinced you to buy a PC

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Which of these early PCs do you believe was the most influential on the subsequent development of the PC market? ?

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PC MOMENTS – See the LITE version of the PC Pioneers – it’s called PC Moments.It shows a selection of the top 100 PC moments that brought us the PC and Net as we know these today. It also highlights the top 400 PC pioneers that had those moments!

It’s here!

sites: thePCpioneersthePCtimelinewikiPCpediaBobDenton.co.uk

books: The PC Pioneers100 PC MomentsStill WaterGene Genie1492 and all that!

thePCstory adds further sections and tools that will lead you through all the developments of the PC and the Net – celebrating the people who made it happen!

LAUNCH POINT – You can simply start your journey here.Or if you want help in finding your way around, or just want to seek out the juicy bits, then thePCstory.com provides themes and threadsthat highlight specific areas of interest for you to follow through the material.Do see thePCpioneers’ Day which shows you at a glance what happened this week in the progress of the PC and Net development and directs you to the full story.
THE ORGANISATIONS – thePCstory.com holds the database of the companies and organisations that contributed to the development of the PC and the Net. Seek out a particular organisationand then follow links to the people, events and stories to evaluate their contribution.THE TIMELINES – thePCtimeline.com has a chronological list of events that shaped the PC and the Net – explore, find an event, be linked back to the full story.
POLLS and SURVEYSwill focus on various issues to provide further insight into our collective memories and opinions.Do respond to these early polls which can be found in the left hand column.

THE STORIES- you will find the narrative to thePCstory starts here.  Each section takes a particular part of the story with pictures to illustrate the processes and issues.As it is a wiki site, users can contribute their own comments, memories and accounts – text, audio or video.You can also submit material through the Comments box on the relevant page – overtly or anonymously.
MODERATORS and EDITORS – we are recruiting these to provide the insight and specialist knowledge or material that will ensure the integrity, accuracy and topicality of the site is maintained and expanded.
eBook and Book – find out more about the author or the book – available as a Kindle eBook or a paperback.

You can start the journey through the material here

Use the three links at the bottom of every page to navigate from site to site