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Which was the software package that first convinced you to buy a PC

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Which of these early PCs do you believe was the most influential on the subsequent development of the PC market? ?

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SGI – Silicon Graphics Inc

Founded in 1981 by Jim Clark based upon the Geometry Engine that Clark and Marc Hannah developed at Stanford University with some inputs from the Xerox PARC team.  Clark was an associate professor at Stanford, he and Hannah were joined by other graduates and faculty staff – Kurt Akeley, David J. Brown, Tom Davis, Mark Grossman, Herb Kuta, Rocky Rhodes and Abbey Silverstone.

In 1984 its first product was the IRIS 1000, for Integrated Raster Imaging System, a series of high-spec graphics terminals.

The team then espoused the Unix System V OS to develop IRIS 2000 and 3000 using Motorola‘s 68010 and 68020 MPUs.  It later switiched to RISC MPUs for its IRIS 4D using its own UNIX software it called IRIX.

In October 1991 the first 64-bit MIPS microprocessor, the R4000, was the first applied to the SGI Crimson.  By 1992 the Iris GL, graphics language, application was replaced with Open GL.

In 1995 it purchased both Alias Research and Wavefront Technologies for $500m to create Alias|Wavefront.

In February 1996 it purchased the supercomputer maker Cray Research for $740m, selling on Cray’s Business Systems Division to Sun.  In March 2000 it sold the Cray brand and product lines to Tera Computer Company.

In November 2005 it was delisted from the NYSE.

On 8 May 8 2006 it filed for Chapter 11 protection.

On 6 September 2006 it announced it would no longer continue the development of its IRIX line or the IRIX OS.

It emerged from Chapter 11 and was quoted on NASDAQ, it moved and its old offices became the Computer History Museum.  It delisted from NASDAQ in December 2008.

On 1 April 2009 it filed for Chapter 11 a second time.  On 11 May 2009 it was acquired by Rackable Systems for $42.5m.

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